vintage film photographer-Southern California

Hi Im Conrad, im a

Vintage film Photographer-Sothern California

Vintage film photographer-southern California  who is working in wet plate collodion process also known as tintype photography. I got my first camera in 1996. My step father Gave me a camera for a graduation gift. By the end of my first week shooting film I wanted to work as a photographer. I started shooting roll after roll of black and white film and started shooting color slide film. In 2002 I got a job working at Romero Fine Portraiture in Laguna Beach. Where I learned to work in a studio setting. They pushed me to be a better photographer. Before I knew it I was shooting with them. They helped me grow by guiding me to open my own business in 2003 I did just that.

leaving the studio to go get an education at the University of Utah where I earned a BA in film. I worked on my first film in 2003. Then worked in the film industry for ten years.

Vintage film photographer-southern California

in 2009 I found Wet Plate Collodion, my first encounter Was from my friend Tim who had a Gallery in the Los Rios District in San Juan Capistrano. He was making Ambrotypes and I was shooting digital photography. His life went from photography to protecting the oceans. So he left the country and moved to Central America to save sea turtles. Tim has a non Profit that saves a lot of turtles from being eaten. he left a lot of gear at my house. It sat for four years while I looked at it. I would look at it wonder what should I do with all this old chemistry. The strange silver tanks and boxes of stuff.  Having no Idea what it was or how to use it.

So I started looking for a way to learn this process, I found William Dunniway and  started making plates on Feb 12, 2015 with him. He taught me how to pour plates. He trained to make my own Chemistry, the way to be safe with it. how to be clean As well as maintaining  a silver bath. from that Time I have been making at around fifty plates a week. This process is one of the most rewarding art forms I have found.

Vintage film photographer-southern California

studio is in Oceanside and I will work from San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. I love spending time with my clients making artwork that will last generations I capture tomorrows memories today in silver and light.  This process is magic And I am Looking forward to making some great memories with you.

collodion artist vintage film photographer

vintage photographer-southern California

William Dunniway Teaching me the ropes

vintage film photographer-southern Califorina

my first portrait I made after learning wet plate

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