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Conrad Young | Photographer

I love photography, this process of photography brings me great JOY. Every image I make I have the same excitement that I had the first time I saw this process. I love seeing the excitement and happy faces of my clients when we make an heirloom that will last.

I was taught Wetplate by the late Will Dunniway an amazing mentor and a great “pard” back in 2015. I was hooked before I ever made my first plate but the moment Will and I made my first image. I knew this would be the path of my photography for the rest of my life.

I am one of only a handful of people who are practicing this type of photography. I Started photography in 1995 shooting film and have had my own business since 2003.

History: commercial, architectural, portraiture and fine art photography ever since. With a BA in Film from the University of Utah, I honed my skills working in the film industry as a camera operator, 1st assistant camera, grip, and art departments. Having worked with a lot of amazing people and great companies – all helping to mold my vision in capturing light and creating great images.

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