What Are Tintypes and Wet Plate

Wet Plate Collodion Photography is one of the earliest forms of photography known to humankind.  Invented in 1851, during the Victorian Era (roughly 1840 to 1900), the whole process is literally done on a wet plate of metal or glass (“tin”type and abrotype, respectively), meaning that the image must be captured directly onto that plate before the light-sensitive chemicals that are poured on it dry. Once that solution is poured there is no stopping the process until the image appears right before your very eyes!  The magic and fascination of this process persists to this day, making it a uniquely “immersive” experience (pun intended!)


Conrad is one of only a handful of people who are practicing this ancient, one-of-a-kind photographic technique today, and may be the only one prepared to bring his studio to your event!

How Can I Help You?

Have an event that you’d like captured in a unique and extraordinary way? A family portrait unlike any you’ve gotten before? Experience a special process of photographyand watch as the image appears before your very eyes!

My clients are people who seek a special experience when they get photographed, with a touch of science and history mixed in.
I have a traveling studio and specialized darkroom that comes to you.

Add value to your event by providing guests with memorable moments - participating in the original magic of photography – generating a unique piece of art at the same time! Peek through the window of Victorian Era photography and witness the process as we take silver, light, metal, glass, water, and fire to forge a one-of-a-kind photograph.
When the session ends participants receive an exclusive image that they were part of creating - one that will last hundreds of years - an instant heirloom!

I Started photography in 1995 and have had my own business since 2003.
Have worked commercial, architectural, portraiture and fine art photography ever since. With a BA in Film from the University of Utah, I honed my skills working in the film industry as a camera operator, 1st assistant camera, grip, and art departments. Have worked with a lot of amazing people and great companies – all helping to mold my vision in capturing light and creating great images.

Southern CA, and anywhere you need me to be.

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