Vintage film photographer-southern California who is working in wet plate collodion process also known as tintype photography. I got my first camera in 1996. My step father Gave me a camera for a graduation gift. By the end of my first week shooting film I wanted to work as a photographer. I started shooting roll after roll of black and white film and started shooting color slide film. In 2002 I got a job working at Romero Fine Portraiture in Laguna Beach. Where I learned to work in a studio setting. They pushed me to be a better photographer. Before I knew it I was shooting with them. They helped me grow by guiding me to open my own business in 2003 I did just that.

Leaving the studio to go get an education at the University of Utah where I earned a BA in film. I worked on my first film in 2003. Then worked in the film industry for ten years.

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