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Wet Plate Collodion Process



Commission Portrait Work: In studio or on location. Lets dream up something wonderful!

Tintype Booths:  At events (perfect for weddings or party’s), people’s homes, or place of business.

Fine Art Prints: we all love art that moves us.


 Do you have an event coming up that you would like captured in an extraordinary way? Do you want a family portrait that is nothing like any you’ve had before? Would you like to experience a special process of photography, and watch as a photo actually comes to life before your eyes?

  My Ideal clients are people who want a special experience when they get photographed, with a touch of history and science
mixed in. If its an event that you’re having, I can help you bring added value to that event by giving your guests a memorable time,
 learning about and being part of a photography making process.
My promise to my clients is that you will get to experience living history and science combined to generate a unique form of art.
You will be able to peek through the window of victorian era photography and watch the process as we take silver, light, metal, glass, water,
 and fire to forge a unique photograph. When we are done with the photography session you will have an exclusive image,
that you were part of creating, and one that will last hundreds of years. Also, I strive for flexibility, having a traveling studio that can come to you.


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